Wednesday, October 31, 2012

John Mark is 1

John Mark, You baby boy have brought so much joy and happiness to our family. I feel so blessed to be your Mama. I decided to make a list of things about you I never want to forget. I should have realized that you were going to be a mover and shaker sonner than I did. I felt you move at 12 weeks and Daddy felt you for the 1st time at 13 weeks 6 days. Before you were born we thought for a month that you were a girl. I apologize for using a girl name and looking at pink things. If you had been a girl we would have loved you just as much! In my heart I always wanted Lillie to have a sister like I did and Becca came along. Aunt Rachel and I always wanted a baby brother but we never had that blessing. I am so thankful God sent you to be Lillie and Becca's baby brother. You being born when you were was very important. Papa John's Daddy, Old Papa was in failing health. He was so happy to hear that a baby boy was joining our family. He wanted Papa to have a grandson. We took you to see him when you about 2 weeks old and he thought you were so precious. Then on your first Thanksgiving he wanted to hold you and have his picture made with you. That day I had no way of knowing that just 10 days later I would be standing at his bedside, holding you while he drew his last breath. There was 4 generations in that room that day, Old Papa, Papa John, Me and You. That was a blessing and I believe that God was with us. I have said it many times but it bears repeating, Boys are different. Even before you could walk your favorite things to do were eat, get dirty and make noise! You loved food from the first bite. You get that from the Scotts! Your favortie food was blueberries and before you were 1 you would say, "Bue, Bue!". You are meat eater and especially love chicken legs and Papa's ribs! You crawled at 6 months and walked at 10 months. Now you are perfecting running :) You fussed a lot beofre you were mobile. It really bothered you that you could not do the things you wanted to. You have been much happier since you can go where you want to. Outside is your favorite place to be. I have joked about getting a dog pen and putting a pile of dirt in it and that you would probably stay there all day. You love to ride in your wagon and walk all over our yard. Daddy is teaching you about trees and you love to carry leaves and sticks around. Your sisters love you so much. You and Lillie are especially close. She loves to play with you and carry you around. You and Becca had a rough start, middleitis was a major problem. Becca loves you though and you have won her heart, just like I knew you would. I know I will always remember how much you love me. You are a true Mama's boy and would prefer to never be more than 1 foot away from me at all times. Aunt Dona told me before you were born that she was so glad I was going to get to experience having a boy. I am so glad too! You have the cutest blonds hair and blue eyes. You love to flirt with the ladies and I am sure you will steal some hearts along the way. I am glad to know that I will always be the first woman you loved. I am enjoying everyday, they fly by so quickly. John Mark, I love you and I am thankful to be your Mama.

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Anonymous said...

He is such a special fellow! Love you for taking the time to share this, PA